2019 Term 4 Week 8

2019 Term 4 Week 8

From the Head of Junior School

What might that baby, born of Mary so many years ago, mean for us?  What is the relevance of the Christmas message some 2000 years on? In the same way that God’s love broke into the world through the birth of Jesus, we were all born to make manifest the love and hope that God has for each one of us.

Where our children reached out as individuals and as a school to communities beyond our gates, they have become messengers of hope for others. Through the likes of Jesuit Mission, Jesuit Refugee Services, and Estia Aged Care visitations, our students have been called to live their lives with a growing commitment and sense of what’s important. Hope brings out the best in ourselves and in one another. May we at this time of Christmas live our lives with a renewed sense of love and hope that God has for each of us.

Today we say farewell to our graduating Year 6 Class of 2019 and a number of families who have given much to the life of the Junior School. May you continue to shine as your journey takes you to pastures anew. Thank you to all the students who have given generously of themselves to their College community over the year. We hope that this year has been full of rich and rewarding experiences.

On behalf of all the staff at the College, we would like to thank you for your continued support. May God’s abundant love and peace be upon you and your family this Christmas, where we look forward to welcoming you all back safely in the new year.

Above: The St Vincent de Paul Giving Tree with the generously donated gifts

IEY students Emma, Zoe, George, Raphael, Lily, Isabelle, Xavier and Gemma Lily visit the Giving Tree

Above: The 'Vinnies Van' collecting donated gifts, food and pyjamas (for the St Vincent de Paul Crisis Centre) from the Junior School and IEY

Mr Nic Boys
Head of Junior School

Below: Images from the Mid-Year Reception/4 Gold Nativity Liturgy