2019 Term 1 Week 6

2019 Term 1 Week 6

From the Director of Teaching and Learning

Parents and caregivers may have read recently about a review of the SACE Research Project following the SACE Review conducted in 2018.

In one report it stated that the Research Project will no longer be a compulsory Stage 2 subject. The article then goes on to say that students will still have to complete it at some point in their senior schooling – either as a 20 credit (full year) Stage 2 subject or a 10 credit (one semester) subject at either Stage 1 or Stage 2 and so there is still a compulsory nature to the Research Project, just when it is completed and at what level is still being reviewed.

Whilst the Research Project has not received universal acceptance, for reasons such as being too broad or suspicions of too much parent input, it has been recognised by research carried out by Flinders University to be a better predictor of university success than the ATAR.

The skills developed by the Research Project, whilst challenging, fit well with the current pedagogical practices of Inquiry Based Learning, which are contemporary iterations of the Ignatian teaching philosophies. Skills such as finding a question that provokes students and has them ask questions as well as exploration and finding information, developing cognitive and human skills and dispositions as part of the process. Also, making connections, analysing and synthesising the information, followed by presenting the information to an authentic audience, provides an opportunity for real world relevance. Students then evaluate the whole process, using metacognitive skills to articulate how it's impacted on them, developing their ability to discern.

At the moment, details from the SACE Board as to how exactly the changes will be implemented are limited. The College will monitor the situation closely and investigate the implications of the changes for our students. There may be an impact on lesson allocations, subject offerings at Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 as well as timetable implications. We will endeavour to be part of any pilot programs offered by the SACE Board with new variations of the Research Project to ensure your sons and daughters, our students, are not adversely affected by any changes.
The curriculum team at the College will continue to work closely on possible implementation strategies as well as review any proposed changes to ascertain what impact the changes will have on the College’s curriculum offerings in the future.

Mr Michael Martin
Director of Teaching and Learning