2020 Term 1 Week 2

2020 Term 1 Week 2

From the Counsellors

SPECIAL REPORT: Talking About Bushfires

Given the recent Bushfire season and far-reaching impact, we considered it may be helpful to communicate with College families outlining resources and supports available. While there are members of our community who have been deeply impacted, there are others who have been affected indirectly.

During such events those directly affected in particular children and teenagers may be more vulnerable to constant information and media images. These impacts may be immediately observable or may develop over time. Reactions could include distressing emotional responses such as sadness, anxiousness and stress.

In order to support the children in our care during this time it is also important for adults to manage their own emotional responses including shock, grief, anxiety and anger before talking to young people about these events.

Whilst most will recover from these circumstances and soon resume normal functioning, there will be members of our community who will be deeply affected and require ongoing or additional support. 

Saint Ignatius' College Counsellors are available to students and families. If you wish to discuss the content of this article, or any other matters regarding your children, please contact members of the Counselling Team at the College.

Junior School

Mrs Joanna Kinniburgh: j.kinniburgh@ignatius.sa.edu.au

Mrs Danielle Verrilli: d.verilli@ignatius.sa.edu.au

Senior School

Ms Kathy George: k.george@ignatius.sa.edu.au

Mr John Pertl: j.pertl@ignatius.sa.edu.au

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