2019 Term 2 Week 5

2019 Term 2 Week 5

Arts and Activities

Artist in Residence - Cedric Varcoe
On Wednesday this week, Cedric spoke to staff and students about his work, life and spirituality in a lunchtime forum. Working with him with my Year 8 art class and watching his natural talent by making his paintings come to life with their compositions and colours, has been a privilege. Cedric has shown me what a spiritual man he is and the legacy that he intends to leave his family and now our students as well, through his stories and paintings.

An exhibition for the community of Cedric’s and our students' work will be held on Thursday 20 June with further details to follow.

On behalf of the students and staff, I would like to thank our Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs Elizabeth Wedge who, when told that our first Artist in Residence confirmed in 2018, had fallen through at the last minute, she did not waver in her persistence in finding another artist at short notice. Her tenacity has been rewarded with this rich experience that we are all very grateful for.

Above: L- R Jessica Bruno and Laura Zambrano Cortes Year 12, speaking with Cedric about his work at the recent lunchtime artist talk held at the College.

As this goes to print, I will be kicking my heels up and enjoying a wonderful night of friendship, entertainment and food for the ‘Come Fly with Me – Cabaret 2019 at the John Di Fede Reception Centre. The Stage band will be the highlight of the Cabaret with a variety of other Senior School ensembles and solo singers. I would like to thank the staff and students for all their hard work in preparing for this event and to the Friends of Music parents whom have worked hard to make sure the night is a success. I will post some photos of the event next week.

17 May - Last Friday, our Ignatian players for Division 2 played their first game session at the Adelaide Chess Centre. Round 1 was a successful match with 3-0 against St John Grammar. Round 2, against St Peters Green, was more challenging, but students managed all the same to secure two victories, in Board 1 and 2. Special thanks to Patel Bhavya from Division 3 who stepped in at the last moment to replace an indisposed student, and also congratulations to him for securing two victories, both in Round 1 and 2.

24 May - Last Friday our players from Division 1 and 3 were engaged in their second match of the season. Quite a successful match for the Division 1 students who managed to win all their games against Adelaide High School. Again, congratulations to our Chess Captain, Hamish Pattison, who secured his check mate after a long and challenging session with the other Board 1 opponent. Also well done to our young Ignatian 3a players (all Year 8s and 7s) who had a draw of 2-2 against Year 11 and 12 students from Mercedes College. It was then entertaining to watch Ignatian 3a playing against their friends from Ignatian 3b. The two Ignatian Division 3 teams, in fact, played against each other in Round 4, with a result of 3-1 for Ignatian 3a. Next Friday 31 May, Division 2 students will be back for their Round 3 and 4.

Mr Alessandro Boria
Teacher in Charge - Chess

Public Speaking: Rostrum Semi Final Victories
Congratulations to Lucia Doyle and Sylvia Davis who have won preliminary heats on Friday 24 May of the Junior Legacy public speaking competition. In their heats, Sylvia spoke on the topic of social justice and genetic engineering and Lucia Doyle spoke on the topic of mateship within Australian political culture. The girls also had to prepare a short notice speech on either “Why should we care for our World” or “Do I really care?” The girls will go onto the State Finals in August.

In the Rostrum Voice of Youth Public speaking competition, Sebastian Coffey, Sylvia Davis and Evelyn Vincin-Walker (Year 10) are speaking at the semi-final heats and will hopefully progress through to the State finals later in the year. 

Evelyn Vincin-Walker has also progressed through to the semi-final of the PESA competition. 

We wish them every success as they proceed to the next round.

Round 2 Debates:


Wishing everyone a safe and restful weekend.

Ms Maria Minucci
Coordinator of Arts and Activities