2020 Term 4 Week 2

2020 Term 4 Week 2
From the Rector
On the eve of the Feast of Francis of Assisi on 4 October, Pope Francis released a social encyclical. Francis’ first encyclical focussed on our relationship with God (Lumen Fidei in 2013) and his second on our relationship with creation (Laudato Si in 2015). In Fratelli Tutti translated as ‘all brothers’, he emphasises our relationship with each other. He reinforces how inseparable... read more
From the Head of Senior School
This week we acknowledged the contribution of our Year 12 students with our Voluntary Student Mass, Senior School Assembly, and Farewell Morning Tea. They now take time to prepare for their final examinations. While there is sadness as we say goodbye, we are excited to see what the future will hold for each one of them as Old Ignatians! Their journeys will be unique, and their experiences varied, but... read more
From the Head of Studies and Innovation
“What gets measured is what gets treasured” With our annual Speech Day looming next week, I have been prompted to consider what we celebrate in education. It is appropriate to celebrate student achievement, and our College has a rich history of doing this in a variety of forms and across a range of domains, both curricular and co-curricular. Our Speech Day is our ‘day of days’,... read more
From the Head of Ignatian Ethos
This is the last week of lessons for Year 12. So, it is with mixed emotions we say farewell. It is wonderful to see them grow and head out and make the world a better place because they are in it, but it is also the end of a big part of their life. This is a natural time for reflection, which is a habit we endeavour to instil in our students particularly through the examen. It is difficult to reflect... read more
Arts and Activities
  • Art and design exhibition 2020
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Senior School Sport
  • Athletics Interclub 
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From the Head of Junior School
There were some fantastic curious creatures and wild minds on display in the library during this week’s celebration of Book Week – and we are not just talking about the staff! It was a bright and colourful affair seeing so many creative costume applications for this year’s theme. You name it – we had it, from Darth Vaders and Ewoks, to Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.... read more
Junior School Sport
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From the College Counsellors
This month on SchoolTV - Raising Boys Parents regularly attest to the fact that many boys are active, loud, rambunctious, and prone to rough play, however this should not affect how any adult responds to their son. Take care not to pigeon-hole boys into sex specific behaviours or gender roles as the male brain is distinctly different from the female in its development. A boy’s level of physical... read more
Out of School Hours Care
Dear families, As there are only eight weeks of school this term, Bec and Allie are already creating the December/January vacation care program. This will be out beginning of week five, allowing three weeks for families to book in. We strongly urge families to book early for vacation care, to avoid missing out. Prior to the last holiday period we encountered many last minute bookings, making it really... read more
From the Parents and Friends
Dear Parents & Caregivers, On Wednesday, the Committee was busy planning next year’s schedule of events which hopefully we all get to enjoy without disruption. On the schedule, we are hoping to host the following: New Parent’s Welcome – 19 February Family Fun Fair – 27 March Mother’s Day Long Lunch – 7 May Gala Ball – 21 August Mini SALA... read more
Community Notices
  • Little Athletics
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