2020 Term 3 Week 8

2020 Term 3 Week 8
From the Rector
Our Year 3 class are celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation this week and next. Their teachers have prepared them to consider how their choices promote the welfare of others or diminish it. The Sacrament is designed to help people reflect on their behaviour and to understand their responsibility for building up others rather than tearing them down. We know that reconciliation must be worked at... read more
From the Head of Senior School
This week we had the 2021 Research Project Static Expo. Many of our Year 12 students presented their 2020 Stage 2 Research Projects to assist our Year 11 students prepare for their Research Project. Our Year 11 students now work on their proposal, which needs to be approved by the end of Term 4. Mrs Annalisa Barry, Curriculum Coordinator of Cross-Disciplinary Studies, worked hard coordinating this Static... read more
From the Head of Ignatian Ethos
This week we will be holding the third meeting in a series of four on Ignatian Ethos for parents and caregivers of our community. To date we have looked at the life of Ignatius of Loyola and how it informed his spirituality. We have considered Ignatius’ worldview and how this in turn informs Jesuit Education. This week we will learn about the Ignatian approach to ministry and how this is lived... read more
From the Head of Studies & Innovation...
To use a sporting cliché, our Year 12s are moving into the ‘business end of the season’. Final assessment tasks are being completed and examination preparation is on the horizon for those who will sit external examinations early in Term 4. However, unlike a sporting competition, where there are winners and losers, and an ultimate champion, school should not be seen as a competition... read more
Senior School News
  • Makan Siang Indonesia ‒ Indonesian Lunch
  • Year 7 History Archaeological Dig
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Year 12 Drama - The Breakfast Club
This year the Year 12 drama performance took such a different turn - Covid made performing to an audience almost impossible. However, through the extremely hard work of the brilliant and amazing Senior Drama Students, last week LIVE theatre was back at the Flynn Theatre. The Breakfast Club - such an iconic 80s film, brought to life and smashed onto the stage. Brilliant performances, and a strong and... read more
Senior School Sports
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Vocational Services Report
  • Flinders University Year 11 Subject Pathway into University. 
  • Important dates
  • University of Adelaide Campus Tours
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From the Head of Junior School
This week over two days, the Year 6 students attended the University of South Australia at the Mawson Lakes campus. The program enabled students to learn about electrical software and civil engineering in a series of interactive hands-on workshops. During the electrical engineering task, students had an introduction to electronics components and their functions while practising soldering and assembly... read more
Junior School Sport
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Book Week
Dear College community, The Junior School Library is thrilled to announce that our Book Week celebrations will go ahead this year! We are excited to announce that we will be presenting the 2020 Book Week in Schools musical ‘THE GREATEST DISCOVERY!’ This play is a collaboration with Perform Education and The Children's Book Council of Australia, created to celebrate the 2020... read more
Out of School Hours Care
Dear families, Don’t forget that OSHC will be closed in line with the College on Friday 11 September, for the transferred holiday for the Feast of Saint Ignatius. The Vacation Care program is out now and available from the OSHC room, College website or click HERE. The last day to book Vacation Care is Friday 11 September – any bookings made after this date may not be... read more
From the Head of Ignatius Early Years
The last week of every August is Literacy and Numeracy week. In our 4 year old program we have asked children to find out how they use numeracy at home and share with their friends. In the early years opportunities to engage in mathematical concepts are everywhere. In their play children measure, sort, count, discuss number, use pretend money, monitor time, recognise and make patterns, order, use spatial... read more
Community Notices
  • Who’s in Charge? Reclaim respect and calm in your family.
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Tuckshop News
  • Senior School Tuckshop Closed - 23 September
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