2020 Term 1 Week 9

2020 Term 1 Week 9
From the Principal
Quite understandably, the thoughts of most people at present are dominated by the coronavirus and the many challenges and issues associated with daily life at this time. Whilst I acknowledge this, there was some other news I received earlier this week that I wish to make the focus of this piece. On Tuesday morning, staff at the Junior School received the sad news that their friend and colleague, Leeanne... read more
From the Rector
During the week someone sent me a good reminder “Churches are not being closed. Buildings are being closed. You are the Church! You are to remain open.” These are days of great uncertainty that invite us to care for each other in the best way we can. Whilst we have physical distancing requirements, we encourage all to find new ways of forming social connections. We hope people can look after... read more
Ignatian Ethos
It is difficult to keep our focus on Lent at present with all that is changing in our lives. A nice analogy was given by one of our teachers at prayer this morning. The stars and the mountains are still there even when hidden by clouds, but the clouds eventually move on and the beauty reappears. And God is always present in our lives. In this week’s 'Australian Jesuit News' a number of... read more
From the Counsellors
The implications of Remote and Online Learning are now a reality for many parents and adult carers as our nation acts to implement strategies in the prevention of COVID-19. The daunting task of establishing new routines and schedules, whilst juggling work responsibilities and other uncertainties is challenging for families and schools. Some young people will transition seamlessly, whilst others may... read more
From the Head of Senior School
I am conscious of not wanting to add to the almost overwhelming number of information updates these days. We are generally people of routines, and for the most of us, we observe a ritual of daily experiences that keep us grounded and secure. I get to school shortly after 7:00am every morning, avoiding the rush-hour traffic, and log in to my computer to address what has reached my inbox. Since the appearance... read more
From the Parents and Friends
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