2020 Term 1 Week 10

2020 Term 1 Week 10
From the Principal
Earlier this week our College Captains, Zara and Silas, joined Fr Peter Hosking and me in recording our Dismissal Blessing for Term 1. This was shared online with students on Friday afternoon, and families who may be interested can view it below. I understand that staff at the Junior School are currently creating an end-of-term message to share with students next week, and I Iook forward to that... read more
From the Rector
This has been such an unusual school term. Who could have imagined how much our lives would change from February to April? Still, it is what it is, and we do the best we can. We do not know how long this stretch of our journey will be. We give thanks for all our staff, students, and families who have done their best to adapt to this rapidly changing reality. We thank God especially for the generosity... read more
Ignatian Ethos
I hope everyone is well and finding ways to adapt to the current change in our lives. One way I am coping is to consider daily all the things I am grateful for during this time. Some of these include my family, the community I am a part of, a backyard (that needs some TLC!), technology, a sense of humour, my faith and knowing God is here with us. This year without even really trying we are living out... read more
From the Head of Senior School
This last week of Term 1 has been filled with opportunities of great creativity, leadership, and innovation as teachers have worked with their students to design new learning pathways in an online environment. Our students have been led by teachers working in teams, with the guidance of their faculty and curriculum leaders, focusing on rich learning experiences while ensuring that we keep socially connected.... read more
From the Director of Teaching and Learning...
Senior School Reports Term One Academic and Pastoral reports for Senior School students will be available on the College Parent Portal (SEQTA ‘Engage’) during the school holidays. Parents/Caregivers will receive an Edsmart Broadcast to communicate the actual timing of the release as well as receiving other associated information. In the meantime, please ensure you can access your SEQTA ‘Engage’... read more
From the Head of Studies and Innovation
“From crisis comes opportunity” What a couple of weeks it has been! In the blink of an eye our educational space has been turned on its head. We now step into the unfamiliar world of ‘online-remote’ learning. While daunting for everyone; staff, students and families, it does offer a new frontier for learning if we are prepared to be open to it. I read an article recently that... read more
Senior School Private Instrumental Music Tuition...
As many extra-curricular activities have come to a halt, please be aware that instrumental music lessons can be taught online too. Scientific researcher A. Hille has found that adolescents with music training have better cognitive skills and school grades and are more conscientious, open and ambitious. So if you are looking to enrol your child in music lessons, our tutors are up and running... read more
From the Head of Junior School
And so it has begun. With such expediency due to uncertain times, the College has launched its online learning provision after a great deal of preparation, planning, and training. Akin to the Wright brothers launching their first airplanes, there is a certain moment of drawing breath and taking in this new experience of schooling as it unfolds. For the uninitiated in flight, it is perhaps surprising... read more
From the Parents and Friends
Dear Parents & Caregivers Last week, the Parents and Friends Committee wanted to show the community’s appreciation to the College staff for all the support, dedication and care they’ve given to our children in these unsettling times. Megan Leydon (P&F Vice President, Senior School) had suggested we send something for their morning tea and Yvonne Karapetis kindly baked and donated... read more
Tuckshop News
read more
Out of School Hours Care
Dear families As you are aware there have been many changes which have taken place recently. To keep you up to date I would like to remind you that OSHC will be open from 7:30am to 6:00pm on the Pupil Free Days from Monday 6 to Thursday 9 April. Please contact us directly as soon as possible on 8130 7113 or email oshc@ignatius.sa.edu.au if you need to book in for these days. Please pack your child's... read more