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  • Hosking Peter small

    From the Rector

    It is with a deep sense of gratitude that our school year has begun
  • Donato Phil small

    From the Head of Senior School

    As we complete week 2, we once again welcome students and families to 2022
  • Noack Kain 180404 SIG SENIOR 0552

    From the Head of Studies and Innovation

    A rule-of-three: Head, Heart and Hands
  • Tina witherspoon 9x EO Fi3u Gp M unsplash

    Receiving Catholic Sacraments

    From time-to-time people ask about help with receiving Catholic sacraments
  • Whole school photo

    70th Anniversary Whole School Photo

    2021 celebrated the 70th year of the College. To commemorate the occasion a whole school photograph was produced
  • 2022 School Immunisation Program

    Information for Parents/Caregivers of Year 8 and 10 Students

    The SA School Immunisation Program will be offered at Saint Ignatius' College by Eastern Health Authority
  • DSCF10446

    Private Instrument Music Tuition Lessons

    There are still some vacancies in 2022 should your child wish to learn a musical instrument at the Senior School
  • Voc Services

    From the Careers Department

    Careers Report Term 1, Week 2, 2022
  • Boys Nic 180607 SIG JNRSCHL 2216

    From the Head of Junior School

    I extend a very warm welcome back to all families who are joining us on site for the first time next week

    Athletics PB Classic

    Saint Ignatius’ College would like to express a massive congratulations to Year 3 student Sam Turner
  • Parents and Friends article 2

    From the Parents and Friends Committee

    The P&F Committee would love to take this opportunity to welcome all our families back to school
  • Greatest Gala Ball postponed

    2022 Greatest Gala Ball

    After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to yet again postpone the Gala Ball
  • 2022 SIC Calendar

    College Calendar 2022

    View upcoming College events, activities and meetings
  • Entertainment share the love article

    Entertainment Membership

    Join today and get exclusive limited-time member offers