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  • Fr Peter Hosking SJ

    From the Rector

    Every person of integrity who contributes positively to the community has the power to inspire and guide others toward goodness
  • Jess Morrish

    From the Head of Co-Curricular

    Term 3 has been incredibly successful for Co-curricular
  • Phil Donato

    From the Head of Senior School

    We wish all students and families a well-deserved holiday break!
  • Upcoming Senior School Dates

    Upcoming Dates - Senior School

    Holidays and Term 4 Week 1
  • From the Careers Department

    From the Careers Department

    Her Tech Path/Planit Women in Stem Day, SATAC Dates & Mentor’s Breakfast
  • Upcoming Junior School Dates

    Upcoming Dates - Junior School

    Holidays and Term 4 Week 1
  • Year 3 day of reflection 2

    Days of Reflection

    Year 5: Exploring Vocations and Service
    Year 3: Embracing Reconciliation
  • IMG 0961

    Junior School Swimming Carnival

    The memories made will be lifelong for many of the students
  • Junior School Sports Report 2023

    Junior School Sports Report

    Year 6 Blue Netball Grand Final
  • From the Parents and Friends

    From the Parents and Friends

    Year 5: Bottle and Plate Night
  • 220606 SIG JUNIORSCHOOL 0598

    Sibling Enrolment 2026

    Ensure a position will be available
  • Community News

    Community News

    CESA Parent Event: A window into the adolescent brain