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Hayborough Investment Partners

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Hayborough Investment Partners, is an independently-owned, boutique investment management firm focused on investing in small to medium sized high quality ASX listed businesses run by passionate, trustworthy, aligned management teams. Hayborough invests funds on behalf of private individuals, SMSF, family offices, charities, financial planner groups and financial institutions.

The founders and co-portfolio managers are George Capozzi and Ben Rundle, both from the Ignatian Family. George and Ben have been investing alongside each other for over 10 years and collectively they have almost 35 years combined experience investing in the stock market. Their accounting knowledge contributes significantly to their investment process as it helps them differ between the varying degrees in quality of earnings streams. Importantly for Hayborough, Ben and George believe that the people and culture within an organisation can create a competitive advantage which can allow businesses to thrive. They spend a lot of time getting to know the drivers and motivations of the founders, owners, and operators of the business, their management styles, how they treat their staff, their customers, and suppliers.

Hayborough Investment partners is the manager of the Hayborough Opportunities Fund, a long only, small cap Australian Equities fund which launched on 1st March 2021. The fund is typically invested in a portfolio of 20-40 high quality, small to mid sized ASX listed equities.

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with superior absolute returns over the long term by owning high quality companies run by passionate, trustworthy and intelligent leaders when there are differences between their estimate of underlying business value and the publicly traded price. Our investment return objective is 10-15%pa return over the business cycle which is in line with the portfolio managers’ previous track record. The Return to Hayborough investors since inception is +26.1% after all fees.

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66 Rundle Street, Kent Town SA, Australia