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Saint Ignatius’ College seeks to enrol families, not just students.

We strive to be a welcoming community that recognises success for our students is best achieved when school strives to build on the learning foundations created at home, and when there is an obvious congruence between the values held at home and our Ignatian values taught at the College.

Our community of students, staff and families combine to create an environment where learning is valued, and all are encouraged to contribute to the school with whatever talent they possess.

Our families may become more actively involved in their children’s school experience in a variety of ways. For example, at the Junior School adults may assist with reading activities in Junior Primary classes, through the Learning Assistance Program (LAP) or through an array of co-curricular activities.

Similarly, at the Senior School our families are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular activities and events. Ignatius Friends of Music for example, is a group that actively support students and seek to build community in a specific way.

There are a range of committees and groups within the College focusing on community building and engagement of and with others. These groups include our Parents & Friends Committee, our Fidelis Association for past families, and our Old Ignatians Association for old scholars.

Each of these groups in their own way provide avenues for interested families to stay connected with the school and to enjoy a sense of belonging and community that is precious to Saint Ignatius’ College.

Please note: The College's CRICOS licence caters for students in Years 8-12 only.