Ms Emma Georgiadis

Junior School Teacher

From the very first day I visited Saint Ignatius’ College, I was welcomed into the College community and I knew this was where I belonged. Many years later, I can say I have completely immersed myself in the Ignatian experience.

I am proud to be a member of a community that inspires intellectual and personal growth and challenges students to rise to their full potential in an environment where learning and spirituality are nurtured.

Developing relationships with my students has been most rewarding. Cross campus events and activities have allowed me to see them learn and grow into confident and reflective learners. The excellent College facilities and resources have enabled me to actively incorporate digital technologies to provide teaching and learning experiences that are relevant to students and to maintain an engaging classroom environment.

With the positive and collaborative culture of the staff and parents, it is evident that all members of the school community are committed to the development of each individual student and work together to encourage the development of the whole person; body, mind and heart.

Mr Remo Borgo

Dean of Students - Senior Years

As an educator with more than twenty years of experience, there are two factors for me that make working at Saint Ignatius’ College rewarding. The first and most important is the emphasis on relationships with students that are based on respect and that engender genuine affection between staff and the student body.  There is tremendous recognition of students who perform with academic excellence for which all students strive, but more importantly, our pastoral care and concern for those students who require extra attention is truly at the centre of our ethos.  We know our students’ strengths and areas for improvement extremely well.

Secondly, the College focus on continual staff renewal and professional development is outstanding.  This includes the spiritual as well as pedagogical evolution, particularly in line with Ignatian Spirituality and the ethos of Jesuit Education. 

As a professional, looking for the best learning and teaching environment that puts student welfare at the centre of what we do, there is no reason to be anywhere else.       

Mrs Kristina Manson

Education Support Officer Ignatius Early Years

I feel lucky to be employed at Saint Ignatius’ College, Ignatius Early Years as it is a dynamic working environment.

As the Administrative Officer and Education Support Officer my job is varied, challenging and rewarding. I get the opportunity to work with the children – which I love – and in the office where it is buzzing with energy.

My friendly and enthusiastic colleagues make coming to work enjoyable, and the relaxed positive ambience is an ideal environment for families, visitors and employees to share.

Ms Nici Slack

Ignatius Early Years Teacher

"It's the spirit here that counts. It doesn’t matter what you say you believe, it only matters what you do." - Robert Fulghum

That is Ignatius Early Years – the Ignatius spirit in the staff and the children.

Today, we sat by the creek to do some observational drawings. We were amazed by the tiny spider who had created such an intricate web of shapes, which we had fun naming. We found a centipede and learned that he had 42 legs, because we tried to count them! We heard the frogs in the creek that began as the tadpoles we have watched grow and change over time. We found a lizard as it sunbaked on a rock to keep his body warm 'because he's following the sun' and 'he hasn't got a jumper’. We collected and sorted leaves and seeds to make patterns and works of art.

I listened as the children negotiated and collaborated together to create a complex storyline including props and dress ups. I was challenged to really listen to each child's voice and this is all before snack time!

Why wouldn't I love coming to work?

“Nothing without joy.” - Loris Malaguzzi

A catholic, co-educational school conducted by the Jesuits.