Our Philosophy

Ite Inflammate Omnia

Our history as an Ignatian College is central to our identity.

When Saint Ignatius Loyola, the College patron and founder of the Jesuit order, missioned his friend Francis Xavier to the Indies, he gave him the simple instruction, “Ite Inflammate Omnia.”

Go, set the world alight.

Since 1951 Saint Ignatius’ College and its graduates have been attempting to live out that instruction. By helping young women and men become competent, to live according to their conscience and practise compassion, the College has sparked the fire of change in their lives, their communities and their world.

When you join the Saint Ignatius’ College community you become part of an educational tradition that is over 450 years old.

The need for this type of education of excellence and care has attracted a whole community of people dedicated to fulfilling this tradition: caring and skilled staff committed to the craft of teaching, a loyal and ardent base of Old Ignatians who experience the College as a home, parents who support the College and its mission, and the students who breathe life and spirit into the College to make it a warm and accepting place. All of these diverse groups come together to make the flame of the Spirit burn even brighter.

A Jesuit education is based on cura personalis, the care of the individual person. By modelling the care God has for each person, we seek to help every student fuel, ignite and stoke the fire that dwells within every human person. In doing this we seek to create men and women who live fully when they live not for themselves, but for others. We seek to deliver an educational experience that goes beyond the academic achievements by helping young people become open to seeking and finding God in new and unexpected places, celebrating the life of the mind, entering into and nurturing their relationship with God, coming to an understanding that they are loved by God, and living the Gospel value of Justice. 

A catholic, co-educational school conducted by the Jesuits.