Student Leadership - Junior School

Developing students’ abilities as leaders is an important aspect of producing men and women for others. 

Involvement and identity with house groups is also important in helping students gain a sense of belonging and purpose.

Junior School House Leaders are selected in the year prior to students entering Year 6. The process for selection gives opportunities for each member of the year level cohort to strive to become a leader. 

Each student is asked to prepare a speech to provide reasons as to why they would be a good leader.  This speech is then presented to other members of their House group who, in turn, vote for their choice of House Leaders.

2019 Student Leadership

Environment Leaders
James Evans
Jessica Goodwin

Prayer and Liturgy Leaders
Alex Kavanagh
Lucile Gauducheau

Social Justice Leaders
Reid O’Callaghan
Gabrielle Elias

Music Leaders
Levi Villios
Stefania Musolino

Campion House Leaders
Henry Whiteman
Chloe Whiteman

Kostka House Leaders
Freddie Whitford
Isabel McKay

Regis House Leaders
Ned Lyall
Kiara Matkovic

Xavier House Leaders
Joshua van der Linden
Juliet Mazur