The Bookroom provides a variety of services to the students, text book hire, general school stationery throughout the year, photocopying, laminating, ticket sales for various school productions.


Text Books

Years 7- 11
Book hire is available for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. All textbooks (including elective subjects) will be included. The Bible and the Macquarie Dictionary will be purchased by parents in Years 7 or 8 and will continue with the student through all years at the College. A hire fee of:

$185 per annum for Year 7 applies per student

$200 per annum for Years 8, 9 applies per student

$205 per annum for Year 10 applies per student

$200 for Year 11 applies per student

In addition, a deposit of $100 per student will be charged at Year 8 which is refundable when all books are returned in good condition, upon completion of schooling. Book hire fee and deposit are included on the stationery pack order form.

Year 12
New text books are ordered through the College. Hire of some Year 12 text is also possible.


Stationery to start the year is ordered on the Stationery Pack Order Form. Also included on the Stationery Pack Order Form are charges for Drama and Music tickets, Competitions and Course Materials. After the commencement of the year, stationery and Campus Link bus tickets are available from the College Book Room.

Contact Information

Mrs Catherine Fleming
08 8334 9314
2 Manresa Court Athelstone SA 5076

A catholic, co-educational school conducted by the Jesuits.