Pastoral Care

“Cura Personalis” or care for the individual person lies at the heart of our Pastoral Care structures in the College.  Each individual student is viewed as gifted and unique, no matter the range of individual talents.

In the Senior Campus all students are placed in Year Level Home Groups, under the care of a Home Group Teacher.   This teacher greets the students in the morning and is responsible for administrative and pastoral matters relevant to these students.  At the end of each day in Years 7-9, this same teacher farewells the students and ensures that the events of the day, and in particular homework, are recorded appropriately in the E-Diary. In most cases, it is the Home Group Teachers who bear the primary responsibility for communication between the College and parents/guardians regarding students in their care.

In Years 7 to 10, Home Groups are composed of approximately twenty-eight students whilst in Years 11 and 12 these groups are smaller in size, approximately twenty students, thus recognising the differing needs of students at different ages. To enhance the Pastoral Care offered in Years 7 to 10, where Home Group numbers are larger, Home Group Teachers are, where possible, also subject teachers for their Home Group. In this way there is increased contact between students and their Home Group Teachers.

In addition, throughout the Senior Campus, at least one Pastoral Care period is scheduled every week, which enables Home Group Teachers to spend time with their groups, engaging in a variety of activities. These activities may include assemblies, study-skills programs, goal-setting exercises, class meetings, Anti-Bullying and Harassment programs, House activities and so on. At each year level, Year Level Coordinators oversee the Home Groups. They meet with their staff on a weekly basis to discuss and plan for the needs of their students.

The Directors, in turn, are responsible to the Deans of Students. The Year Level Coordinators in Years 7–9, the Middle Years, are responsible to the Dean of Students – Middle Years.  The Year Level Coordinators in Years 10–12, the Senior Years, are responsible to the Dean of Students – Senior Years.  There is an Assistant Dean of Students for both the Middle Years and the Senior Years. The Campus Ministry Team, Student Counsellors, Vocational Services Coordinator and Adaptive Education teachers complement the wider Pastoral Care Program, providing specialist support and advice to students at all year levels.

The promotion of “Cura Personalis” at the College is fundamentally enhanced by all that we do, and is reflected in the relationships which exist between the staff and students of the College.