Faith Development and Liturgy

Saint Ignatius’ College is a Catholic school in the Ignatian tradition and as such Christ is at the heart of all that we do.

Our community is one of faith and this influences all our actions and relationships.

Ignatian spirituality views the Glory of God as being revealed in man and woman fully alive – it seeks to find God in all things and our students are encouraged to see the world in this way.

All activities and classes at the College commence with prayer, and mass is a regular feature of life at school. 

Formal masses are held for all students twice a term, and at the Senior School Voluntary Student Masses are held four times a term.  These masses are facilitated by the Student Liturgy Group under the direction of our Youth Minister and are so popular that our hall is filled whenever they occur.

At the Junior School, a Monday Liturgy is held every week in the Church of Saint Ignatius next to the school and class groups take it in turn to lead this prayer.

Students, during their time at the College, are also able to participate in retreats, Days of Reflection, community service activities and other programs, which offer opportunities to develop and explore their own faith.

All students, no matter their denomination or faith, are encouraged to develop and nurture their relationship with God and the Sacred.