Co-curricular activities play an important role in the Jesuit Education philosophy to develop the whole person.  

Co-curricular at Saint Ignatius’ College, is an experience that engages the mind and heart and permeates through service, writing, music, performance and sport. It has an emphasis on contest and competition and on being part of a gathering. Therefore, a genuine participation in the co-curricular programme at Saint Ignatius’ College is a central element of our educational process.

The co-curricular program provides students with the opportunity:

  • to represent one's school,
  • to exercise, vital for growing bodies,
  • to experience activities which may become a life-long interest,
  • to learn about commitment, team or group work and generosity as part of a team
  • for character development (eg. learn to win or lose graciously in sport, or confidence in public speaking),
  • to develop new friendships outside of one’s own group, and
  • to gain enjoyment from participation.