Faith Development and Liturgy

Saint Ignatius’ College Junior School is a Catholic school with an educational philosophy based upon the scriptural values of Jesus as demonstrated by the founder of the Jesuit tradition Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Lay teachers, assisted by the Jesuit Fathers, are responsible for facilitating students’ religious education and faith development. Current theology and methodology directs the School’s teaching and learning activities, sacramental programs and participation and attendance at liturgical celebrations.

Together with the Religious Education Coordinator, Junior School staff plan, implement and monitor teaching and learning activities using Ignatian based programs and practices. Lesson content closely follows the South Australian Catholic Education Office frameworks curriculum document, Crossways, along with content derived from the Ignatian framework.

Regular staff prayer and the practice of the Awareness Examen – a technique of prayerful reflection – of Saint Ignatius in both whole school and individual class situations deepens our sense of God’s presence and action in our lives.

The Religious Education Coordinator organises the sacramental programs – First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion – as well as planning school masses and facilitating class liturgies.

The Junior School typically begins the school week with a Monday morning liturgy. Usually two masses per term are held throughout the school year corresponding with specific liturgical events. The Junior School enjoys a close relationship with the Norwood Parish Church where most liturgical events are held. Classes of students also attend the Senior Campus Chapel.

The Junior School Faith Development and Liturgy Program also incorporates a strong social justice component. Students learn about Jesuit and other Catholic relief agencies and provide support to these organisations through financial and volunteer contributions.