From the Director of Ignatius Early Years

Ignatius Early Years (IEY) is a warm and welcoming beginning to your child’s learning journey at Saint Ignatius’ College. We believe parents and carers make a very important decision when they entrust their child to our care and we are honoured when they do. At the IEY we begin the partnerships within the college that we hope will form lifelong bonds based on trust, care and honesty.

We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment that starts with the things and information with which children are familiar so that they feel safe, heard and respected. 

Your children are amazing, and every day we are awed by what they know and what they can do.  We know children learn and develop best through thoughtfully constructed play opportunities within a social context that allows them to express themselves and communicate openly with others. Active listening and dialogue are crucial to this communication.

We know that children need time to make learning meaningful. Restrictions on time can make learning ‘thin’, where a few facts may be learned but deep transformational learning is unlikely. With this in mind, we have made a deliberate decision to exclude specialist lessons until children reach school.

The children’s day is divided into three, allowing access to the inside and outside environments at given times.  With the many programs running throughout the day we provide children with a predictable structure, ebb and flow.

You are your child’s first teacher and we look forward to hearing all about your child from you. We encourage parent and carer participation in, and contribution to, our program in the many ways that you are able to offer through your talents, interests and skills.

Like all staff at the IEY I spend a good part of my day teaching and, as such, I am best contacted via email on  If you prefer to call I can be contacted on 8130 7180. I look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Kind Regards

Rosemary Allen
Director Ignatius Early Years

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