Spirituality and Prayer

At Ignatius Early Years we introduce students to prayer, celebrations of the Church Year and the stories of scripture through play based learning, art and songs. We investigate our natural environment and phenomena so that children have the opportunity to experience the awe and wonder within living things. As we are part of an Ignatian College we place importance on children having time to reflect on their world and relationships.   Children have opportunities to share their understanding from home.


  • Children begin to develop an awareness of God’s love through trusting relationships.
  • Children begin to develop awareness that choices have consequences for themselves, others and their world.
  • Children celebrate moments in the Church’s liturgical year such as Lent, Easter and Christmas.
  • Children explore symbols, words, music and gestures used in ritual and celebration.
  • Children begin to respond and contribute to prayer during their day.
  • Children identify and participate in the Catholic school/parish community.
  • Children listen and respond to Bible stories.
  • Children experience the awe and wonder of the natural world through observation and reflection.
  • Children consider their impact on the environment through observations, dialogue and sustainable practices.

“You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and vibrantly alive in repose.”

Indira Gandhi Indian Politician  (1917 -1984)