2020 Term 1 Week 10

2020 Term 1 Week 10

Ignatian Ethos

I hope everyone is well and finding ways to adapt to the current change in our lives.

One way I am coping is to consider daily all the things I am grateful for during this time. Some of these include my family, the community I am a part of, a backyard (that needs some TLC!), technology, a sense of humour, my faith and knowing God is here with us.

This year without even really trying we are living out a Lenten journey and we are now in the fifth week.

Jim Deeds, co-author of Finding God in the Mess has given this reflection on this week’s Gospel, John 8:31–32.

A while back I got a very painful rash in the corner of one of my eyes. My face swelled up, and my eyes were sore. I could not see very well at all. And what I did see, I saw through painful eyes. I found that I felt down and acted grumpy. My pain affected my vision, and my vision affected how I lived my life.

How would it be to look at the world around us through the eyes of faith that Jesus came to tell us about? He told us that God is love and that we are all children of God. How would it be to look at all we meet as if we were encountering a brother or sister? We would look more joyfully and compassionately at the world around us, I think. And that truthful vision would allow us to get about building the Kingdom of God. —Jim Deeds

This 3 minute retreat from Loyola Press is a reflection on this passage.


And here is a wonderful piece of wisdom from a 93-year-old Scottish grandmother.


It goes for 30 secs and will definitely improve your day!

Be well!

Mrs Jacquie McCabe
Head of Ignatian Ethos