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The Year 9 Student House Leaders were fortunate to attend the YLead Altitude Leadership conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 1 June. This program aims to help inspire future leaders by nurturing and empowering them to do remarkable things. Through a variety of engaging sessions, activities and guest speakers the students were inspired to maximise their potential as leaders and work outside their comfort zones. Our leaders are looking forward to being able to utilise these skills in their House Mentor Groups and amongst their peers.

“It was such an amazing experience!” – Levi Villios

“I learnt a lot of new skills and I can’t wait to use them in my leadership” – Emma Palumbo

“Very rewarding in helping me unlock my leadership skills.” Edward Colegate

“It was an informative and challenging day that has inspired me.” Audrey Colin-Newport

“We discovered invaluable skills within ourselves that will help us thrive in our leadership journey” – Yianni Datsopoulos

“It inspired me to further engage with school initiatives and my peers” – Gabby Elias

“The day helped me to understand how to take the ideas and opinions of peers and to recognise and share these on a larger scale” – Oliver Gallacher

“It was a great way to be out of your comfort zone and meet and interact with new people” – Sabina Strojek

Ms Miriam Doyle
Kostka Middle Years House Leader

Image below: Emma Palumbo, Sabina Strojek, Audrey Colin-Newport, Gabby Elias, Oliver Gallacher, Yianni Datsopoulos, Edward Colegate and Levi Villios.

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