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On Thursday, September 1st, some very capable Year 9 STEM students travelled to Adelaide University where they participated in a STEM Day Out as part of the Gifted and Talented Enrichment Program. Students were asked to work in teams and use problem-solving skills to successfully complete some tasks involving Engineering, Science and Mathematics. Participants in the day were involved in groups asked to design and build earthquake/moonquake resistant structures that were tested on the earthquake simulator, they also were asked to use rover robots to simulate a mission to carry supplies to an off-world crater and they experimented with fuel cell Ferraris to see what alternative fuels could be used to power vehicles in the future. This was very much a collaborative, hands-on experience for the students that also gave them a chance to explore the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources at Adelaide University. The students worked well together and showed wonderful creative and critical thinking ability during this day out. It was an interesting and exciting experience for all involved!

Last week a group of Year 8 students attended a STEM Day Out at UNISA. This was one of our subject enrichment days that we hold for students who have significant ability in particular subjects. The STEM Day Out consisted of three STEM workshops. The Science Workshop (UniSA degree - Aviation) explored the science of air and flight, as students discovered the science behind planes and how they fly. In the Engineering Workshop, students worked in small groups to design and construct the tallest tower possible, while the Mathematical Sciences ‘Perplexing Puzzles’ workshop provided a series of fun, captivating brain-benders through which students discovered how mathematical thinking links to problem-solving. All of the students worked collaboratively as they worked on the problems related to our changing world.

Mrs Kathryn Wills
Challenge Coordinator (Gifted and Talented)

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