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Inspired by Adelaide artist and designer Tiff Manuell, Ms Dundon’s Year 9 Design classes worked hard to design and create laptop cases.

Students invented clients with diverse needs and aesthetic wants for their cases such as, celebrities, business women, athletes, brands, characters etc. Students then incorporated two design principles, and one art element to their ideas, and began planning and sketching in 2D and 3D. Once complete, students hand painted their designs, hand sewed their sleeves, and infused some foam protection to the case. The results are incredible!

Ms Sarah Dundon
Visual Art and Design Teacher

Image 1

Designs for the Late Queen Elizabeth II, a family member, and Apple: Yianni Datsopoulos, Zali Twomey, Ava Heinicke

Image 2

Designs for schools, shoppers, characters, and fashion labels: Angela Mak, Chantelle D’Aloia, Nathalia De Cianni, Oliver Gallo, Isabel McKay

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