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After a busy first semester, the Year 9 cohort have had the opportunity in the last two days of term to spend some relaxing time together as a year level.

To begin the program, all students heard from Dr Leber about Leadership in and Ignatian context. They were challenged to think about different styles of leadership, their core values and how they might be challenged to demonstrate grit in their lives.

The Year 9 Mentor Teachers then organised activities that they were passionate about and encouraged the students to participate in the session of their choice. Mr Abela and Mr Uren ran a world class world cup indoor soccer tournament; Mr Dohse and Mrs Weight witnessed some very competitive teams in their quiz night; Ms Toker challenged the students with a pump class; Mr Dinon ran an amazing table tennis tournament; Mrs Black inspired students to learn the art of crocheting to make scarves for charity and Ms Gue ran a very popular dancing in the dark session.

The second day of activities started with a year level walk up towards Black Hill. Students had the opportunity to walk with people in their cohort who they didn’t know very well as well as their friends. We all had the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful surrounds that we are lucky to have so easily accessible to us.

In the afternoon, students chose to either attend Tree Climb, Bounce, Escaplex or and Amazing Race around the city. These fun activities gave the chance for students to spend time with their friends and challenge themselves in an environment outside of school.

All students were grateful for the opportunity to spend time together as a cohort, particularly given that in recent times that COVID restrictions have made it difficult to do so. Thanks to the Year 9 Mentors who spent time with the students over the two days.

Ms Miriam Doyle
Kostka Middle Years House Leader

Future Problem Solving
From the Careers Department