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This week, our Year 8 Ignatians have been involved in their ‘Igxperience’ for the year. The ‘Igxperience’ program is run in collaboration with Active-Ed and draws on the use of fun, safe and challenging outdoor experiences to;

  • Build positive relationships between peers,
  • Strengthen mentor-student relationships
  • Challenge students by supporting them as they move beyond their comfort zone
  • Develop Resilience

This week, Year 8 students participated in a 3-day camp at Finniss River, a Respect Day (led by the College’s Gender Wellbeing Coordinators Ms Jaimee Weight and Mr Angelo Picca) and the Year 8 Day of Reflection (led by our Youth Minister Ms Danika Tremonte).

The Respect Day gave students the opportunity to unpack the meaning of respectful relationships in a Year 8 setting. Students engaged in group challenges, communication and listening activities to give them a chance to practice the skills needed to build respectful relationships with their peers.

During their Day of Reflection, the Year 8 students worked in small groups to build their knowledge about the significance of elements of the Mass as well as the importance of key Bible passages. There were also opportunities given for students to be involved in quiet reflection and group games.

Spending three days at Finniss on the Year 8 was a great experience for all involved. Whilst it was cold and there was some light rain around, the students were resilient and enthusiastic as they participated in the activities on offer. Kayaking was a highlight for many students as they conquered their fears and learnt new skills. Mountain biking was a fun experience for many where they had their chance to test their skills around the muddy and winding tracks. The archery and orienteering activities were enjoyed by all as was the chance to learn a little more about Indigenous culture through the painting activity. Students were challenged by the initiatives course and started to think more critically about ways that they can effectively contribute to their group experiences.

The Igxperience at Finniss challenges students to spend a night camping and cooking their own meals on a Trangia. After spending time preparing during HPE lessons at school, the variety of meals cooked on camp was impressive. The students demonstrated skills in the areas of planning a meal, executing the cooking and cleaning up. For many of the students, it was also the first night that they had slept in a tent.

The Year 8 Igxperience week was a great success and students have developed their sense of belonging, grown in skills and knowledge as well as engaged in many new activities. Thank you to parents for supporting the Year 8s in their preparations for the week and to the staff for accompanying our students on the journey.

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