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Year 8 Igxperience Program

Camp | Gender and Wellbeing Day | Day of Reflection

‘Igxperience’ is a new wellbeing program designed for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. This program draws on the use of outdoor and adventure experiences to;

  • Build positive relationships between peers
  • Strengthen mentor-student relationships
  • Challenge students by supporting them as they move beyond their comfort zone
  • Develop resilience

We have launched a new partnership with Active-Ed to co-design these experiences, ensuring that they are fun, safe and challenging.

In Week 4 of Term 2, the first ‘Igxperience’ took place with Year 8 students participating in a 3-day camp at Finniss River, a Gender and Wellbeing Day and the Year 8 Day of Reflection.

Some reflections on the week by Year 8 students Hugh Parletta and Marc Antony Iasiello can be seen below.

Mr Dillon Mullins
Xavier House Leader – Middle Years

Hugh Parletta - Kostka

Igxperience is a new program designed by the college to combine camping and outdoor experiences with a wellbeing focus. On Monday Kostka and Campion Year 8 students drove on a bus to our campsite She-Oak Run which is on the Finniss River. There were four groups set for activities. We slept in a tent for one night and then spent the next in dorms.

Our group was lucky enough to get good weather which helped with doing the outdoor activities and cooking the gnocchi on the Trangia that night. The staff members of Active Education SA setup small games and activities, took us on nature walks and organised a treasure hunt (orienteering) around the site to help us get to know our group better. Even though the activities we had on other days were fun, I enjoyed kayaking in the river the most by far.

After a quick changeover with students from Xavier and Regis, and a bus ride home, we spent the next two days at the College, one of which was a reflection day and the other a wellbeing day. Danika Tremonte (Youth Minister), the Faith and Service team, Mr Picca and Ms Weight, put together lots of activities to make our next two days just as good as the last three at camp. All of the activities were designed to encourage us to try new things, learn to problem solve together and to grow in independence. This camp exceeded my expectations and I would like to say thank you on behalf of the Year 8 students for this experience and to the staff of the College and Active Education SA for making this trip possible. Later this term, the Year 7 students will have the opportunity to be involved in their Igxperience and in 2023, our cohort will be lucky to be the first to be involved in the new Year 9 Igxperience.

Marc Antony Iasiello - Campion

As you may know, the Year 8 cohort was away on Igxperience (camp) last week. We were so privileged to have this opportunity this year as Covid has disrupted so many camps over the last couple of years. We were fortunate enough to be able to go to the camping grounds at She-Oak Run, on the banks of Finniss River, about an hour south of Adelaide.

We woke up Monday morning all excited to get to school so we could get on our bus to camp. After a bus ride that felt like it took hours, we were finally at the camp site. Our first two days we had near perfect weather.

We were split into four different activity groups, with a mixture of Year 8 Campion and Kostka students. Two of the groups spent the first night setting up and sleeping in tents, and the other two groups slept in dorms. We were fortunate to have the full camping experience whether it was cooking our dinner on a Trangia, sleeping in tents during freezing weather, being woken up by some talking at 3:00am in the morning or toasting marshmallows over the fire!

But that is not all we did. We spent the days doing activities that brought us closer together, as per our Igxperience focus areas of ‘belonging’ and ‘growth’. We did activities such as kayaking, camp skills, group development tasks, an initiatives course, nature walking, orienteering the campsite and resilience challenges. We also had chances throughout the day to socialise in our free time – sitting around the fire, chatting in our dorms or tents, or fishing for cod and carp on the river.

In the dorms and dining hall section of the camp, we were treated to many things. We were able to sleep in a warm room of bunk beds with five or six other friends, stayed out of the cold, and enjoyed dinner, dessert and a hot chocolate kindly served by Mr Passaniti.

After dinner we were treated to a quiz night set up by the teachers as well as a time for reflection. In the night that our group did the quiz the team Huntsman won the quiz. Why were they called this you may ask? It’s because they were seated on a table next to a window that happened to have a massive Huntsman spider trapped in it!

But before we knew it camp was all over. After a couple of activities in the cold and wet on Wednesday morning, we were back on the bus on the way back to Adelaide. We all know that the best thing from being at the camp was that it brought us all closer together and bonded us as friends.

We are looking forward to being the first year level to experience Igxperience in Year 9!

Images below:
Campsite at She-Oak Run, Finniss River
Brando Fassina and William Mee
Montanna Page-Marranya and Lily Whiteman
Max Laws, Tehan Arachchi, Hamish Clifford, Stefan Cutone, Earl Malata
Lucy Abbott kayaking
Ella Pacor, Arabella Beinke, Jada Seneca, Lauren Formosa, Mikayla Callisto
Tent set-up
Warming up on a cold morning

From the Head of Studies and Innovation
Year 10 Ceramics