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Event highlights for our Year 5 families this year have been our Mother’s Day Dinner at the Cinnamon Club as well as our Student Free Day Play date.

44 kids from 30 different families enjoyed the inflatables, laser tag and sporting activities at Megacourts last Friday for our Student Free Day Play date. This was also a great opportunity for parents to meet families new to our Saint Ignatius‘ community as well as catch up with some familiar faces.

What was also heartwarming to see was the community spirit seen by parents helping out other parents by bringing their kids along, students reassuring and keeping an eye out for younger siblings of fellow students and the general sentiments of gratitude from students and families throughout the day.

For Year 5 families, keep an eye out on our Year level Facebook page and/or emails for the following events for Term 3

  • Monday 1st August & Friday 23rd September Coffee Morning after school drop off at St Louis and
  • Sunday 28th August Father’s Day ‘Dad’s and Kids’ Bowling afternoon.

Year 5 Class reps, Judith Oh (5G), Talia Piscioneri (5B) and Mel Iacopetta (5R)

Mothers Day Dinner Cinnamon Club

Mother’s Day Dinner - Cinnamon Club

Laser Tag 1

Laser Tag Group 1

Junior School Netball Report
Mary Glowrey Centre Pavers