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In Year 2 we have been running some amazing social skills programs to assist our students with peer relationships, confidence and resilience.

Over seven Friday afternoons, we separated our students into gender groups. Using role play and dance, the girls worked with Mrs Sexton on solving problems in the yard and appropriate ways of speaking to and interacting with our friends.

Mrs Woods and Ms Westland worked with half the boys on respectful relationships and turn taking. Who would have thought you need so many skills to play FAIR card games with your mates!

Mr Carey and Mrs Casey ran Rock and Water. The ‘Rock and Water’ program supports students, through a range of activities and exercises, to develop greater self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control.

It is important to note that this was designed to complement our existing Friendology and The Resilience Project programs, which focuses on building positive relationships and promoting a sense of community among all students. By participating in these programs, our students will have a comprehensive and holistic approach to social skills development.

Liz Woods
Year 2 Red Classroom Teacher

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