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We are excited to announce the Year 12 drama performance this year is The Addams Family musical - coming to the Flynn theatre this August! Our first poster is a bit of a teaser of what to expect from this fun musical.

This is the first time the Year 12s have performed a musical for their drama production so it’s sure to be a new and exciting experience for performers and audience members alike. We are well into the swing of things, rehearsing and blocking scenes, learning songs, and perfecting dance routines. The cast and crew are putting their all into bringing the iconic characters to life. To see a full list of the cast and crew, click here. From the charismatic Gomez to the enchanting Morticia, our actors are diving deep into their roles. To learn more, we interviewed the actress playing the role of Morticia Addams, Jess O’Grady.

Jess O’Grady – Morticia Addams

1. Who is Morticia?

Morticia Addams, the iconic matriarch of "The Addams Family," is a captivating embodiment of gothic elegance and dark humour. With her pale skin, long black hair, and impeccable style, Morticia exudes an irresistible charm. She navigates the peculiarities of her eccentric family with grace and wit, captivating audiences with her unique blend of macabre allure.

2. What about the character of Morticia do you like?

Morticia's macabre aesthetic is captivating, but what truly resonates is her unwavering devotion to family. She loves them unconditionally, embracing their quirks without hesitation. It reflects my own deep value for family. Morticia's confidence and self-love inspire us to embrace our own worth which I think comes through in her performance.

3. What is your favourite part of the musical?

My favourite part of the musical is the duet "Secrets" performed by Morticia and Alice, Lucas' mother. It's a catchy and enjoyable song that beautifully portrays the blossoming bond between these two mothers. Their unique influence on each other leads to personal growth and strengthens their respective marriages, making their friendship truly special and impactful.

4. What are you looking forward for the audience to see?

I’m looking forward to the audience experiencing the loving dynamic within the Addams Family. By immersing themselves in the show, I hope the audience feels as though they are part of the Addams Family, fostering unity within our school community. My aspiration is that this musical will convey that regardless of our differences the values of love and family will always triumph. Ultimately, my wish is that the audience, having witnessed this remarkable production, will grasp the significance of embracing society's quirks.

5. What’s your favourite line in the show?

“Darkness, grief and unspeakable sorrow” - this line appears in the opening song, and she speaks these words as though they are positive aspects of the family’s life. These opening lines set the tone for Morticia’s character, captivating the audience from the beginning.

Check out our Instagram page @sicyr12drama for updates in the lead up to this fabulous show. Tickets will be on sale soon, we hope you’ll join us for a night of music, laughter, and a touch of the macabre, as we present The Addams Family Musical. We can already tell this will be one to remember!

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Publicity for Addams Family

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