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The Year 12 Art students were very fortunate to have had a guest speaker last week. Jennifer Paglia, mother of Grace Pertl, kindly offered to share her experiences of Year 12 Art with our current Year 12 cohort. Jennifer accompanied her talk with a broad selection of her works, which ranged from silk paintings to pen and ink and pencil drawings. The folios that Jennifer explained to the students documented her creative thinking and provided strong evidence to support her examples and discussion points. All the students shared their ideas with Jennifer, who offered sage practical advice. Her feedback was appreciated as it reaffirmed many of their ideas and concepts.

Jennifer was clearly a highly motivated and talented student who performed exceptionally well in her final year of school. She discussed how she was deeply inspired by her Italian roots, to the extent that she produced a triptych featuring her grandfather as one of her final artworks. This approximately 20-year-old work currently has pride of place in her parents’ home. It was clear that the students were engaged and grateful for the opportunity to meet with Jennifer, who clearly remembers what Year 12 Art involves.

Mary-Anne Hobbs
Curriculum Coordinator Art & Design

Jennifer Paglia talking to yr 12 Art students

Jennifer Paglia talking to the Year 12 Art students

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