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On Tuesday the 30th of May, the Year 10 Pre-Lit class were fortunate enough to visit Prince Alfred College, where they watched a Year 11 play on Animal Farm by George Orwell. Animal Farm is a classic novella about a group of farm animals who rebel against their human owner in the hopes to achieve a life full of happiness and equality. However, these ideals are lost along the way, and the principles so desired are gradually betrayed. The play was not only riveting and engaging, but also tied in extremely well with the classes’ previous studies, of Animal Farm as a text. The play truly brought to life the characters and gave a fresh insight as to how Orwell’s novella can be represented. I particularly liked watching the character of Squealer, as the actor playing this part, made it abundantly clear how propaganda can be used and it was interesting to see how the other characters reacted to this.

Overall, it was a great and thoroughly enjoyable excursion, beneficial for everyone!

Thank you, Mrs Wills and Mr Medley, for accompanying us and making this excursion possible!

Annie Nath
Year 10 English Pre-Lit student

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