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As we approach the colder months, we are launching our Winter Appeal for nutritious food and warm winter clothing to support the Adelaide Day Centre and the St Vincent de Paul Society. These organizations play a vital role in supporting people who are in crisis to provide them with the basic necessities to survive the harsh winter. We have a partnership with both organisations and are responding to their invitation for support. As part of Catholic Social Teaching we believe in the dignity of all individuals and our role in protecting that dignity. By supporting this initiative, we are not only providing basic necessities, but we are committing to the desire for every person to live in a safe and comfortable environment.

We encourage you to discuss the issue of social inequality and homelessness with your children in these challenging times. This is an opportunity to educate them about the causes of these issues and explore what else we can do to bring about structural change. As a family, you may also wish to explore other ways to support vulnerable people in our community. Through our education programs at the College we are hoping to fashion the hearts of our students so they are people for others. We encourage you to give whatever you can. By working together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The Winter Appeal is inclusive of food and clothing. Specifically the organisations require:

  • Food items - Cereal, long life milk, pasta, rice, tinned Tuna, tinned veggies, soups, baked beans, canned fruit, and other non-perishable food.
  • Winter clothing – blankets, sleeping bags, warm jumpers and jackets, gloves and socks. We ask that these be in good condition.

You may also consider bringing the former PD Uniforms for recycling through the organisation Uppareal.

Junior School items can be taken to student classrooms and placed in allocated baskets.
Senior School items can be delivered to the Faith and Service Hub.

Thank you in anticipation,

Shane O’Brien, Danika Tremonte & Anne Mercorella
The Faith and Service Team

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