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On Tuesday April 4th a ceremony hosted by the Virtual War Memorial Australia (VWMA) was held at the Torrens Parade grounds to acknowledge the staff and students at Saint Ignatius' College for their excellent research and teaching of Australian military History. The student biographies have been published on the VWMA website. The following students were presented with awards from the State Education Minister Hon. Blair Boyer for their research of South Australian WW1 and WW2 soldiers;

Claudia Borgo

Thomas Kavanagh

Gabrielle Elias

Annie Nath

Also acknowledged for their teaching of History at Year 9 were the following staff;

Stephen Uren- Faculty Leader Humanities

Simon Butler- Curriculum Co-ordinator History

Antony Bauze- Teacher Year 9

Victoria Coxhill- Teacher Year 9

I wish to thank college Principal Ms. Barbara Watkins for her support, keen photographic skills and attendance at this event.

Stephen Uren
Faculty Leader Humanities

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