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On Thursday, June 1st a group of Year 7 talented writers attended an English Enrichment Excursion to the Migration Museum where they worked in groups to unpack histories of migrants to South Australia. Students were given suitcases with artifacts to explore so that they could piece together the stories of migrants from different countries. This was a fun, collaborative activity. They then viewed a visual presentation about the lives of the migrants.

After returning to school, the students used this experience and their observations at the Migration Museum to construct some excellent pieces of writing. The day was well worthwhile as the students had an opportunity to formulate ideas, learn new information, and write creatively about the world in which we live.

The day was led by Ms Colaiacovo and Mrs Wills. Thanks go to Ms Colaiacovo for organising the activities for the day.

Kathryn Wills
Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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