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Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical ‘Laudato si’ has challenged all Catholic communities to do more to care for the environment on which we all depend for life. At Saint Ignatius’ College we strive to inspire our students and wider community to reconcile with creation and actively care for our common home. We seek to deepen our awareness of the gift of creation in our spirituality, to understand better our role as stewards of creation, and to do all we can to make a positive contribution to sustainability at the College and our community.

The College has recently endorsed the SA Climate Action Statement. This encourages all political parties and candidates in the 2022 State election to implement better policies to protect our community, economy, and environments from climate change impacts. With clear scientific data showing the impact of global warming and climate change and its impacts, it is important we have strong environment and sustainability policies moving forward. The views and priorities in the SA Climate Action Statement align with the views of the College and our Strategic Plan, and Peter Coffey, our Principal, has formally endorsed this statement alongside other principals and leaders in our community.

In addition to endorsing the SA Climate Action Statement the following actions have been implemented:

  • The establishment of a Site Environmental Management Plan (SEMP), and a committee to oversee the implementation of this document, which outlines the plans and action lines for sustainability at the College.
  • The development and implementation of a Green Procurement and Sustainability Policies.
  • A 300kWp solar system (200kWp at the Senior Campus (Chisholm, Bellarmine and Campion buildings) and 100kWp at the Junior Campus (Holy Family Building) to offset grid energy consumption.
  • Engaging with consultants at The Energy Project to assist in setting a target for the College to make a net zero carbon commitment.
  • Establishment of a working party focused on integration of sustainability into curriculum of all teaching areas across the College from IEY to Year 12.
  • Consulting with experts regarding water management and harvesting, waste management processes, as well as improving biodiversity of our grounds and the regeneration of Fifth Creek through the senior campus.

With a transparent commitment to sustainability, as shown by our endorsement of the SA Climate Action Statement and the work done and emerging, we aim to foster a culture of care for God’s creation. This will inspire our students to go forth and create a positive impact in a world which desperately needs young people to care for God’s creation.

Mr Nicholas Hauschild
Sustainability Coordinator

Solar panels Athelstone smaller

Solar panels installed at the Senior School

Solar panels Junior School smaller

Solar panels installed at the Junior School

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