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No Casual Counter Sales
Due to ongoing restrictions, there will be no casual counter sales at the Senior School Tuckshop until further notice.

From Monday 14 February we will be expanding the Flexischools menu to include iceblocks, chocolates and drinks. These will be handed out at recess and lunchtime to those who purchase them online.

The link to the Flexischools website can be found on the SEQTA Welcome page.

Price Increases
There have been some minimal increases, due to the price of wholesale items, eg meat, fruit and vegetables. We have kept the increases to a minimum. As always we are willing to make amendments and additions to our menu, and ask our students for their input on a regular basis.

We will not be rostering volunteers in the Senior School Tuckshop until the COVID-19 guidelines have eased. We apologise for any inconvenience to our regular cohort of volunteers - your safety is most important to us. We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible.

Please click on the link below to view the 2022 Menu.

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