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We are pleased to report on our Junior School’s recent participation in the state Tournament of Minds final, held at Adelaide High School on September 10th. Over the course of six weeks, our dedicated teams prepared for the Social Sciences challenge. Their challenge this year, was so join two distinct points in time with a special artefact, demonstrating how these points in time changed the course of history as we know it today. The teams created all scripts, props, and costumes without any outside assistance. During the competition, all teams delivered solid performances, showcasing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Notably, one of our teams (The Dream Team) received Honours for their efforts, a testament to their dedication and teamwork. Congratulations to all our participants for their commendable representation of our school in this competition.

Phoebe Robertson & Jess Russo
Junior School Tournament of Minds Coordinators

TOM 1 1

William Wang, Eva Li, Luca Paris, Lamees Abu-Assi, Isabella Qiu, Claude Chua

TOM 2 1

Andrei Pajaro, Jean Fielden, Mila Woo, Gabrielle Farah, Solomon Wright-Hegarty

TOM 3 1

(Honours Recipients) Arjun Gupta, Oliver Schirripa, Dylan Wright, Marlena Meng, Taylor Lee, Henry Coyle

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