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I am excited to report that Year 7 commenced the ‘Thinking Moves Program’ this week. Thinking Moves is a meta-cognition program designed by Roger Sutcliffe, an Oxford scholar, and one of the world’s leading authorities on Philosophy for Children(P4C). Thinking Moves is inspired by Ritchart’s Visual Thinking Program (Harvard) and it is designed to identify thinking skills and to remind students how to use them in their learning. Students will learn simple labels for thinking skills, covering an extensive range of critical and creative thinking skills in the program. The moves themselves are not new – we all use them in our learning and our life every day. The program provides a vocabulary or a ‘way of talking’ about how we think, giving students a means to work on improving the effectiveness of their thinking. This program is appropriate for all learners so all of Year 7 will embark on the program. Students will have a fortnightly session during subject time with Mrs Wills and the subject teacher will continue to provide opportunities to use the particular Thinking Move(s) discussed, in the following two weeks. This is an exciting and worthwhile initiative and I am sure that the students will find it extremely valuable.

Mrs Kathryn Wills
Challenge Program Coordinator (Gifted and Talented)

Thinking Moves
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