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The Season of Creation starts on Thursday 1st September until 4th October. This is an opportunity to reflect on our role as stewards of God’s creation and our responsibility to care for our common home.

Since 1970 there has been a 68% decline in animal populations due to human activities such as logging, unsustainable agriculture practices, and habitat destruction. The effects of climate change are evident in extreme weather events such as the floods earlier this year in Australia, and currently a third of Pakistan is flooded, impacting over 30 million people.

While large changes are needed, there are many small ways that we can make a positive change to our environment such as recycling, carpooling, reusable containers, and even buying local to avoid emissions from shipping. These small changes accumulate to make a big impact. Reflecting on our own practices, the College recently underwent an audit on our waste management systems, and we are planning planting projects along the creek to promote biodiversity. In addition to this we aim to become carbon neutral and are developing a strategy to achieve this.

We encourage you to join us this Season of Creation in considering ways to minimise our impact on the environment and live more sustainably.

Mr Nicholas Hauschild
Sustainability Coordinator

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