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The Teen Parliament took place on Thursday morning in the House of Assembly.

The sitting, guided by Speaker Dan Cregan, saw students speak on issues such as encouraging volunteers, helping troubled youth, improving transport links and future-proofing the water supply.

Year 11 students Ryan Tanti and John Dwyer spoke on the topic of Transport and represented our College and community in a professional, educated manner.

I propose we build a passenger train line from the city into the hills. It will free up traffic, be better for the environment, and be a more efficient way of getting down the hill for the community who live in the hills. My idea is to create a railway line that will go from the station in the city all the way to Murray Bridge and then stop through parts of Adelaide Hills, creating another form of Public Transport, other than the bus.

- John Dwyer
Teen Parliment Copy

Ryan Tanti and John Dwyer at Parliament House

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