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This week we hosted a morning tea to celebrate our 16 Stage 2 language students. The study of a second language at the College is offered through an accelerated program, with students completing their Stage 2 studies at Year 11.

The study of a second language requires much time, discipline, and personal commitment. It leads students to become more responsible and committed global citizens and encourages continued exposure to other cultures, allowing individuals to interact more fully with others. Throughout their history, Jesuits have been noted for their openness to and close observation of cultures other than their own, as well as for their efforts at mutually enriching intercultural dialogue through the study of foreign languages.

We would like to wish the students well as they complete their final examinations in the coming weeks. In bocca al lupo! 祝你好运! Bonne chance! Semoga sukses! Felicem sortem!

Gabby Puntillo
Curriculum Co-ordinator – Languages

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Stage 2 Language Studies

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