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Over their last two lessons, Year 11 Ecology students have participated in activities to develop their understanding of sustainable practices and how every part we play as a Jesuit community – even in the smallest of ways – can make a big difference to the wider community.

Students have spent the majority of Term 1 understanding our religious perspective and context regarding the importance of our environment, and Pope Francis’ message of “caring for our common home” in Laudato Si’.

On Friday of last week, as students developed their knowledge surrounding these religious concepts and the importance of urban sustainability, students rolled up their sleeves, purchased a variety of vegetable seedlings and planted their vegetables in a terra-cotta pot surrounded by an important quote/prayer/saying to remind them of the importance of sustainable practices.

Images below L-R:
Charlotte Alfred holding up her newly planted seedling
Daniel Di Giovanni, Daniel Callisto, and Oliver Sheldon planting
Finished terra-cotta pot with quotes
Stage 2 (Year 11) Ecology class

On Monday of this week, students also enjoyed a walk down to Wadmore Park where they developed their knowledge and understanding of important native species that surround the local community, and participated in a 15-minute opportunity to meditate in a relaxing environmental setting – paying close attention to the awareness of their surroundings.

Images below: Students meditating in Wadmore Park

These practices build on the knowledge of our Jesuit history and our tradition of “listening to our communities, our neighbours and Creation itself”.

The activities were enjoyed by all with students describing the activity as “very fulfilling”.

“Education in environmental responsibility can encourage ways of acting which directly and significantly affect the world around us.”

(LS 211)

Mr Angelo Picca
Teacher of Integrated Learning – Ecology

From the Head of Studies and Innovation
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