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This week, the Stage 1 Biology classes have all been lucky enough to view a pluck dissection. A pluck includes the trachea, lungs heart and liver of an animal, and this dissection was an excellent way to demonstrate how the structure and function of both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are very much interrelated. As you can see in the photo, the students were enthusiastic to be involved, and even those who at first were hesitant to get too close, were converted to eager participants by the end of the demonstration. Our photo was also shared to the social media platform BeReal, which gives users a glimpse of what is going in others’ lives at a random point of the day. Students were excited to be able to share this moment as an authentic snapshot of the hands-on learning that they undertake. This valuable learning opportunity was enjoyed by all involved.

Ms Emma Toker
Senior School Science and Mathematics Teacher

Dissection Image

BeReal image of students excitedly viewing dissection

Dissection Image 2

Emma Toker conducting pluck demonstration for one of the three Stage 1 Biology classes

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