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On the 20th of August, 14 Ignatian Aerobics athletes, four coaches and two staff members embarked on the 2022 School Aerobics National Championships in the Gold Coast, a highly anticipated trip taking place for the first time in three years after a brief hiatus due to COVID-19. This season has seen lots of injuries and illness, making trainings slightly more difficult, but the girls worked incredibly hard to persevere through these setbacks, making it all the way to the National Stage. Despite the high competition standards, the College’s success throughout the weekend was phenomenal; the two Ignatius teams both received a medal – one second place, and one third place. Five of our Ignatian athletes also competed as part of Platinum Sport Aerobics, an aerobics club coached by previous Ignatius Head Coach Victoria Metzer, in the Secondary Fitness section.

Our Open B team Danger Zone was the first to perform, taking to the stage on the 21st August, coached by old scholars Chloe Lowry, Emily Lowry and Steph Watts. This team was our youngest, comprised of Year 9s and 10s, all of whom were performing on the National stage for the first time. The girls performed in the incredibly competitive Open B section, winning a bronze medal! Despite a last-minute injury preventing one athlete from performing, the girls were extremely happy with their performance, executing their skills strongly and having lots of fun on stage.

The following day our Open A team Inferno performed, coached by our Head Coach and aerobics World Champion Ruby Tynan. This team included our two Year 12 athletes who would be performing for the last time as Ignatius students, so the girls were determined to deliver their best routine yet. The team performed outstandingly with amazing intensity and energy throughout the whole routine, winning a well-deserved silver medal! The girls from both teams were elated to have been so successful in yet another competitive section, a positive end to a fantastic season by the whole aerobics squad.

Both teams performed exceptionally and scored highly at an elite level. These results are a testimony to the hard work and dedication which the girls have demonstrated through their commitment in this co-curricular. The girls have been training 3 times a week since February, and their hard work has paid off. The showmanship the girls illustrated throughout the entirety of the competition was admirable; it defines our Ignatian values. Overall, the trip gave us a great opportunity to develop friendships across year levels and create many wonderful memories which we will all cherish forever. As the 2022 Captains of Aerobics, we are both extremely proud of the 2022 National Squad, witnessing the growth of each individual athlete throughout the season and taking all but one new athlete to the National competition was outstanding. We hope the foundation that this co-curricular has built continues to allow for the development of our Ignatian ideals, ‘humble in victory and gracious in defeat’, as well as ‘being men and women for others’.

We would also like to extend a special thank you to all of those who have accompanied us on this trip, making it possible for us to compete on the National’s stage. In particular, Mrs Puntillo, Mrs Black, our head coach Ruby and all of the parents who accompanied us. Without the support of this community, we never would have been able to go on this trip or achieve the success we have seen - the whole squad is eternally grateful for you all. We both look forward to continuing our involvement in Aerobics once we have left the College and are eager to see the Ignatius aerobics squad transition from competing in TFT School Aerobics to FISAF in 2023. This season has been a great success for the whole aerobics squad, and the success seen at Nationals is only a small snapshot of the amazing future that Aerobics has at the College.

Aerobics is a great way to develop strength and flexibility and it is essential that the College’s Aerobics participants continue to develop their skills as we begin our preparation for the 2023 season; training continues each Tuesday and Thursday mornings until the end of the year. If there is anyone not currently involved in Aerobics who is interested in learning more about the Aerobics program please email Mrs Puntillo, the Teacher in Charge of Aerobics at: We would all be so happy to welcome you into the squad!

Maisie Keenihan and Lauren Bergamin
Co-Captains of Aerobics 2022

Mrs Gabby Puntillo
Teacher in Charge - Aerobics

Open A Inferno

Open A Inferno

Open B Dander Zone

Open B Danger Zone

National Squad

National Squad

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