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SATAC Applications 2024

Now that Speech Day and Valete are over, students are focusing on completing their assignments and studying for their examinations, they can take a little break from thinking about their SATAC applications. However, Once they are finished their requirements they might like to revisit their options and seek out some more information.

By December 1 Students must list up to 6 courses for which they want to be considered equally with the rest of the cohort in South Australia. This is known as ‘Equal Consideration’. Then we have results day in mid-December, which gives students a better understanding of how competitive their preferences will be. The Careers office will be open on results day for any students who require help. More information on how to book a time with me will follow soon!

Students can also contact the universities to ask them how close they are / how competitive they would be and get advice on re-structuring their preferences. They can also ascertain their new selection rank after adjustment points have been added to their aggregate (for SA uni’s only).

Students must have all of their preferences in the order in which they would like to be considered by January 3 2024. They cannot change their preferences after this date. They will automatically be accepted into their top preference if their ATAR is sufficient, so always make sure your first preference is actually what they want to do. Otherwise, they will need to decline that offer and go back into the 2nd round offers.

If a student receives their 3rd or 4th preference, they can decide to say they accept this offer but wish to be considered for their top offers in subsequent offer rounds.

Don’t forget to have a ‘foot in the door’ option as preference 6. This might be Foundation Studies, a diploma, or a course with a lower ATAR as a pathway course. If students need extra help they can pop in and see me when exams are done, or on results day.

Important dates

  • Dec 1 Equal Consideration cutoff
  • Jan 3 2024 Change Of Preference cut off
  • Jan 11 2024 Main Offer
  • Jan 24 2024 2nd offer

Events and Resources from UniSA

UniSA have some excellent resources and events to assist you and your young adult in the upcoming weeks as they make big decisions about courses and begin their new exciting life!

Still confused about courses? Attend a degree information session!

Across November and December, UniSA will be running a range of degree information sessions either on campus or via a 1:1 online appointment for future students to learn more about their preferred degree, hear what’s new and chat with academic experts.

Degree information sessions - Study at UniSA - University of South Australia

No ATAR? Low ATAR? No problem!

UniSA College offers a range of supportive options, including Foundation Studies and 21 Diploma specialisations, which students can add to their SATAC application either as their preferred entry, or as a backup by using their 5th and 6th preference. From there, they'll have access to all UniSA degrees and be set up for success in their future studies.

Study Foundation Studies at the University of South Australia (

Webinars from UniSA on Transitioning to Uni, how to apply etc.

UniSA have added a new webinar to their series What's next after high school - transition to university on November 14. Designed to help parents and others who may be supporting someone on their journey to university, it will cover key dates, guaranteed entry, pathway options, enrolment, scholarships, support services and more. They also have What to expect in your first year at UniSA on December 12.

UniSA Webinars - Study at UniSA - University of South Australia

Scholarships! AKA Free money!

Each year more than 2,500 UniSA students benefit from a scholarship. Not only do scholarships provide financial assistance but they often include valuable work experience, mentoring opportunities and even overseas travel. UniSA have a range of categories - including support for high achievers, students relocating, students in need, and more!

Scholarships - Study at UniSA - Scholarships - Intranet - University of South Australia

Headstart University of Adelaide, Flinders University Extension Studies, UniSA’s Accelerate Program

Some students choose to complete university study whilst in Year 12. This is a great way to try a course / university on for size whilst in Year 12. These courses can contribute to study scores / ATARS via the 30 flexible credit section of the ATAR. Please note you can only use 20 credits of recognised learning towards the ATAR. The SACE Board will calculate the best possible option for you upon completion / results day. If your young adult is considering an extension program please attend their information sessions prior to applying. Please note each university has its own regulations re online / face to face / fees / eligible courses etc, so do your homework before you apply! Applications open very soon.

UniSA - UniSA Accelerate - Study at UniSA - University of South Australia

University of Adelaide -

Flinders University -

My future website article for parents.

The My future website is a fantastic source of resources for parent, students and educators. This snippet for parents appeared in a recent article entitled, ‘Coping with emotional challenges in career education’. The article discusses achievement anxiety, decision making anxiety, social pressure and parental pressure.

Parental pressure or parental expectations refers to the influence, expectations and demands that parents place on their children to meet certain standards, achieve specific goals or follow particular paths in life.

Michael Healy from My Future shares, ‘We [as parents] are a source of some stress for our kids at times. And when it comes to career development, sometimes it is real pressure. So, kids often feel pressure to satisfy or to make their parents proud or to follow their pathway.’

To minimise this added stress on young people, it is crucial to provide a safe space for open conversation and maintain a neutral environment for the student. Jill believes ‘being able to feel trust, feel safe, [and] feel that unconditional love, is really central to flourishing.’ In a 2019 report by ARACY titled ‘Please just say you're proud of me’, students shared the messages of support they want to hear from their parents, carers or a support person as they navigate their final years of secondary school.

‘For parents, it's things like focusing on the positive, expressing pride in their achievements often, accepting who they are as a person, offering unconditional love, offering practical guidance and assistance in tackling stresses. And this doesn't always mean coming up with answers to problems, it means things like very active listening.’

A helpful tool to use with students is the ‘Circle of Control’ activity to assist student remain focussed on the areas of concern that they can actually control, and eliminate anxiety about areas beyond their circle of control. Click here for this activity:

To read the full article and to access other excellent resources click here, be aware you may have to set up a log in.

Coping with emotional challenges in career development (

Lisa McDonald
Vocational Services Coordinator

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