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A smaller group of Junior School swimmers headed to the Norwood Outdoor Pool last Friday to compete in the East Adelaide SAPSASA District Swimming Trials.

Students had the opportunity to compete against students from other schools in our region and possibly win a spot on the East Adelaide Team at the State Carnival next term. Official results should come to the school within a week however we had some very strong performances which lead us to believe that several of our students will get this opportunity. Preliminary results show that Thomas Mazur, Laurel Yang, Adella Jia, Amelia Kelly, and Declan Lin all placed first in at least one race. Special mentions go to Thomas, who did not hear the false start announcement and swam an amazing 50 Freestyle. When the race needed to be restarted, he simply returned to the start block and ensured he won the race for a second time, by a considerable margin! Mikey Covark stepped into a 50m Butterfly race and finished in second position, a wonderful effort too.

Whilst we do have exceptionally high achieving swimmers it is also important to note the huge improvements that some of our students have made over the course of this term at the two carnivals, we participated in. Times were taken at the beginning of the training season and many swimmers have improved their 50m race times by over 10 seconds. Congratulations to Aryanah Brine (50 Free and 50 Back and 50 Breast), Sofia Giro (50 Free and 50 Breast), Ivy Whiteman (50 Free and 50 Back and 50 Breast), Jack Cappo (50 Back and 50 Breast), Alice Cappo (50 Back), Mikey Covark (50 Breast), Benjamin Taylor (50 Breast), Harry Delvins (50 Breast).

We hope that students have enjoyed the opportunity to compete and improve on their race skills and times and look forward to returning to the pool next season.

Adele Polyak
Junior School PE Teacher

Year 4 Swimmers Laurel Yang Mikey Covark Benjamin Taylor Noah Jnguyenphamhh Greta Richmond

Year 4 Swimmers: Laurel Yang, Mikey Covark, Benjamin Taylor, Noah Jnguyenphamhh, Greta Richmond

Year 5 Swimmers Thomas Mazur Aaron Hou Harry Delvins Charlie Neagle Ellie Schwarze Adella Jia Mila Woo Sukti Patel Olivia Perry

Year 5 Swimmers: Thomas Mazur, Aaron Hou, Harry Delvins, Charlie Neagle, Ellie Schwarze, Adella Jia, Mila Woo, Sukti Patel, Olivia Perry

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