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On Wednesday 16th August, five students represented Saint Ignatius’ College in the annual South Australian High School Squash Championships held at the ARC in Campbelltown. Shree Murthy (XSY-2), Liam Murphy (K9-1), Cady Harmer (K8-1), Aleksander Strojek (K7-1) and Jing Zhang (K71) competed against students from several schools and Colleges across the state. The day was very successful and saw our students compete well against talented squash players in all categories. Cady Harmer finished in fourth place in the Under 15 Girls category after making the semi-finals, which was very pleasing.

It was a real privilege to see students actively competing in this competition and is a testament to the growth of the sport. We were also fortunate enough to meet Vicki Cardwell who is a former Australian Number 1 in women’s squash and Hall of Famer. We hope to continue the growth of the sport in the coming years and see opportunities to be successful at these Championships in the future.

Nicholas Tagliaferri
Teacher-in-charge of squash

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Cady Harmer, Jing Zhang, Shree Murthy, Nicholas Tagliaferri, Aleksander Strojek and Liam Murphy

From the Careers Department
Senior School Sports Report